We are Alison and Lee, and we love bird watching around Retford and beyond.  We don’t have any fancy equipment: just binoculars and a basic 30x zoom camera.  We don’t boast any rare sightings or go chasing around the country to spot something unusual; rather, we delight in the ordinary – the birds you can spot every day if you go out walking around your locality.  We aim to encourage you to do just that.  Often it’s just being in the right place at the right time – like this kingfisher who just happened to sit there while we were walking past!  There’s so much amazing nature right on our doorsteps!


6 thoughts on “Introducing us

  1. Hi Lee…..so glad we bumped into you on the canal this afternoon…..and you told us about your blog .Fantastic…now we know the names of what we see on a daily basis. Keep at it.

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  2. wow its like you guys wrote this out of my own head! I’ve got just a 60x zoom and binos, don’t go out listing and my favourite thing is watching my local backyard and neighbourhood birds! nice to see there are other birders out there like me 🙂


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