My fiance and I like nothing more than walking in and around Retford spotting the birds that can be seen there.  One afternoon in spring we were walking by the Chesterfield canal and kept spotting a great tit with insects hanging from its beak, perching on a tree and seeming to wait for us to walk away.  What was he up to?  And why did he not want us around?  We wandered up the path far enough for us not to present a danger to him, and we noticed he kept popping into a small hole in the brick work underneath the canal bridge.  We realised he must have a nest in there.  Sure enough he popped in and out of the hole with insects in his beak many times while we watched from a distance through the binoculars.  How lovely it would be if we could capture this on a photograph!

We decided to return the following day with the camera and see if we could catch the bird going in the hole under the bridge.  It was quite a cold May evening and at first it seemed as if he had disappeared.  Had the chicks fledged already?  We stayed around the bridge for what seemed like ages, when finally we spotted him in a nearby tree.  Once again he popped in and out of the hole under the bridge with food, but was reluctant to do so with us standing nearby.  We tried many times to capture him entering the hole without success – he was just too fast!  However, we weren’t going to give up.  Our patience finally paid off.  Lee stood very quietly under the bridge and caught the split second when the bird was entering the nest.  At last we had the picture we had been waiting for.  Shortly afterwards we got back into the car feeling very cold, but so pleased with the moment we had been able to capture.



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