Feeding time

One rainy day we decided to have a walk down by the River Trent and see what we could find.  This time of year is so exciting for birders – with lots of song, nest building and young rearing going on.  We spotted a pair of cormorants on the water and the usual blue tits, great tits, chaffinches, wrens and so on – it was a hive of activity.  One little blue tit was making a lot of noise at the top of a tree, and eventually came and perched on a bush nearby.  We noticed its beak was full of full of food and it was becoming quite agitated.  Perhaps it was waiting to get to a nest and we were standing in the way!  After snapping a picture, we moved further on but still close enough to see where it was going.  Sure enough, the minute we were gone it disappeared into a tiny hole in the brickwork of a disused building.  The hole didn’t look big enough, but the bird obviously had a nest in there as it kept coming back with food while we stood at a distance watching.  Such a common bird, but really interesting to watch and surprising the places they choose to nest in.  Who knows; next time we go there we might see the fledglings!



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