We love starlings!


Since being a child I’ve always loved these birds.  My parents would often ask why, as they were so common and noisy!  They seemed to have character and are excellent mimics – there used to be one near our house that made a noise like the warbling telephones we had in the 80s.  I remember when I was very young, a baby starling being trapped in my Auntie’s pantry.  We managed to pick it up and take it outside, placing it on the coal bunker in the garden.  I chopped up a worm I’d found in the garden and fed it, gave it a drink and it eventually flew off.

I don’t know if this incident sparked my love for them, but if you look closely they are beautiful birds.  You can see their iridescent colours in the sunshine in this picture Lee took down by the River Idle in Retford.  There are lots of young ones around at the moment – so look out for them in and around your locality.  They don’t seem as intimidated by humans as adult birds, so we should be able to get some good pictures and will be focusing on baby birds for the next couple of blogs.

If you find a baby bird and you think it is in trouble, please follow the advice given by the RSPB, at:  http://www.rspb.org.uk/makeahomeforwildlife/advice/helpingbirds/health/babybirds.aspx

Happy bird spotting!


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