long tailed tit

This beautiful long tailed tit was seen in Kings Park mid-afternoon, and sightings of these birds are very common.  We’ve seen and heard so many over the last couple of months and they are so pretty.

A small member of the tit family, it has a fluffy appearance, pinkish buff in colour with a long thin black and white tail being its main feature.

The song is a noisy thin see-see-see and the nest is a magnificent work of art: a domed nest made from feathers, hair and moss, camouflaged with cobwebs and lichens.  They love to nest in gauze bushes and are often seen in groups.

They breed April/May time, with nest building starting some time in late February.  They lay 8-12 eggs, small, white with reddish markings.

This family of long tailed tit chicks was spotted a few weeks ago; they were huddled together so close.  Since then we’ve seen lots of long tailed tit families darting around the River Idle, in the park, just walking down the road.

They really are beautiful birds and can be seen almost anywhere.  Take a walk, look around – they are all around us!long tailed tit chicks


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