A lovely sight

New_1_DSCF7528What a lovely sight when we spotted what we thought at first was a sparrow flying up from the reeds into a bush down the River Idle.  But it was more speckled and had a beautiful black bib, so we realised it was something a lot more interesting.  Wow!  Our first sighting this year of a male reed bunting, followed a week or two later by the female.  Now we see them every day, usually the male.  We know he’s there from the call, which sounds to us like “zik zik zak” – sharp and clear.

These birds are resident over much of Europe, often found in marshy areas.  They nest in concealed low vegetation and lay 4 or 5 eggs which hatch after 13 days.  They’re a pale green colour with streaky blotches.

Why don’t you take a walk and look out for them? Once you hear one it will become unmistakable.  We love to hear them on our regular walks.  As you can see from the photos of the male (top) and female (bottom), they have a lot to offer in colour and looks.  Spotting them was another exciting day for us, and it’s good to know they are doing well as a species in and around surrounding areas.

NB: As we’ve just celebrated the Queen’s 90th birthday, we decided to put the bunting up! (groan).  Tune in for the next exciting spot next week!



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