Right place, right time


I know I said we didn’t go around the country trying to spot something unusual, but when we heard there were little egrets actually in Retford, of course, we were going to try and see them.  So one very wet afternoon we went tramping around where we’d been told they were, but didn’t see a thing.  Locals told us that they had been there earlier that day, but we’d missed them.  We were very wet and disappointed!

About a week later, we decided to have a walk around Idle Valley for a change, hoping to spot a cuckoo.  We parked the car and had a wander down one of the paths, stopping to look at one of the lakes.  And there it was!  A little egret!  We hadn’t expected to see one, and it was so close.  We stopped and watched it for ages, and it was still there on our way back to the car.

You can see from the photo below how much smaller than a heron they are.  It was a lovely surprise for us – again, just being in the right place at the right time.




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