nuthatch kings park.JPG

Nuthatch, King’s Park

As we are now into early October, we’ve started thinking back on our birding experiences so far this year.  All year round we’ve seen and heard many nuthatches, and spotted our first one locally going in and out of a hole by the River Idle in King’s Park (see below picture).

nuthatch in hole.JPG

Nuthatch, King’s Park

We even watched it closing the hole size with mud, which dries really hard to minimise larger birds, for example, woodpeckers, taking over their hole.  In fact, we saw a cheeky blue tit trying to get in at one stage!  Their sound is an unmistakable “too wee too wee” or a “chwit chwit” alarm call – every time we hear that we know we are close to one.  We’re still hearing them now, especially in the cemetery and Babworth woods.

This woodpecker-like bird moves head up or down the branch or trunk of a tree (see below picture).

nuthatch climbing down tree.JPG

Nuthatch, King’s Park

They are very colourful with a bluey grey back, white throat and black eye stripe, with a long dagger-like bill.  The underparts are buff, tinged with chestnut on the flanks of the male, and they have a short white tipped tail.

The nuthatch is a year-round resident of deciduous woodland and parks, and occasionally they visit gardens.

We spotted this one in Sherwood Forest, taking advantage of the nuts we put on the bird table:

nuthatch sherwood.JPG

The female lays 6 to 8 whitish eggs with orange speckles.  They feed mainly on nuts, insects, spiders and seeds, and their nest is made of small pieces of bark and dry leaves.

We spotted this pair in King’s Park earlier this year getting fruity at the beginning of the mating season!

nuthatch pair kings park.JPG

We’ve seen them in many different places, and they’re still here. They’re such fun to watch, moving up and down the trees.  As you can see, another splendid little bird right on our doorsteps.




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