whitethroat river Idle 2.JPG

Whitethroat, Coal drops, River Idle

This bird has really shown up well this year we’re glad to say, as it was in decline years ago.  The small active warbler has delighted us on most of our birding trips this spring and summer.

The adult male has grey-brown underparts with pale chestnut wings and a white-edged dull brown tail.  The throat, as its name suggests, is a magnificent white, with the rest of the body a dingy white tinged with a pinkish buff.  The female is paler and browner.  It’s quite a secretive sparrow sized bird, but with a fantastic voice.  Its call is a rasping “tschak” and the song is a rapid, scratchy warble, often delivered in flight.

We’ve seen them down the Chesterfield canal, Babworth woods, Eaton and scrub land near us by the side of the railway.  They really are a delight to spot, as we’ve done in abundance this year.

whitethroat ladybridge.JPG

Whitethroat, Chesterfield Canal, Ladybridge

The pictures we’ve taken, we’ll hope you agree, are stunning, captured after spending hours of watching, waiting and knowing where to look to snap this amazing little bird.

The nest is a neat grass cup near the ground, and the birds lay 4 to 5 whitish eggs with greeny grey blotches.

whitethroat Eaton.JPG


Whitethroat, Eaton

The noise they make when you approach them is so characteristic it’s unmistakable.  A very smart looking bird, it has brought us so much enjoyment this year.  We love sharing these moments with you!  We find peace and enjoy every moment.  It’s a privilege to have such a variety of bird life so close to where we live.

The photo at the top is on our top ten list – it’s almost as if we put it there.  But we can assure you, they’re all real birding moments.  We walk miles and spend hours to get these shots, and hope you enjoy them as much as we do!  Brings a lump to your throat!


Whitethroat, Babworth woods


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