A Berry Merry Christmas!

blackbird and berries.JPG

Blackbird, King’s Park

To finish off our birding year, we’re going to show you pictures we have been taking of different species of birds feeding up on the stock of winter berries that autumn and winter months have to offer.

On our recent birding trips we have noticed all the hedgerows, bushes, trees and plants bearing their fruit have been under attack by our hungry birds.

This December blog shows the various birds feeding on the berries: blackbird, song thrush, bullfinches, woodpigeons, and, of course, a Christmas robin.

bullfinch with berries.JPG

Female bullfinch, King’s Park

The other day I was stood for at least 20 minutes watching a blackbird feeding on left over apples.  The kingfisher flew up and down the canal, so I got some more pictures of him.  The great spotted woodpecker called from high up a dead tree, and even the colourful jay made an appearance.

Although it’s so cold, I cannot miss a day.  I got the best picture of a kestrel on top of a copper beech tree, with the wintry light blue sky as a back up.

woodpigeons with berries.JPG

Woodpigeons, Chesterfield Canal

These cold winter months need us to help the garden birds by keeping them fed: seeds, suet balls, insect blocks, meal worms, and, most importantly, fresh water.  It is important to free the ice so they can get to the water – turning the bowls over at night helps for quicker access in the mornings.

On a recent morning, I counted on my back feeding stations: 6 starlings, 4 blue tits, 2 coal tits, 2 collared doves, 1 great tit, 2 jackdaws, a robin, 2 dunnocks, 2 blackbirds and 6 house sparrows.  Just keeping everything topped up seems to keep a steady stream of different birds coming into my garden.

robin on fence.JPG

Robin, Alison’s fence

Alison has a robin visiting her new bird table – here he is getting cosy on the fence.

We also have a lovely robin picture taken down the Chesterfield Canal:


Alison and I would like to thank you all for reading our blogs.  We’ll start again in January, so we would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

blackbird with berries.JPG

Female blackbird, Chesterfield Canal


Male bullfinch, King’s Park


Robin, King’s Park

song thrush berries chesterfield canal.JPG

Song thrush, Chesterfield Canal


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