Bird bath time

tits bathing.JPG

Great tits and blue tits

Whatever the weather, Alison and I will still be out birding in our wellies, woolly hats and scarves.  The birds will still put on a show.

The night before these pictures, the heavens opened: it rained all night and blew so hard there were branches down all over.  The morning after was dull and misty, puddles in every hole and crevice.  Did it put us off?  No – as usual we wrapped up, got in the car and went to one of our regular haunts.

We started the walk by putting a fat ball up in a bush as usual.  Within ten minutes we had taken pictures of blue tits, robin, coal tits, great tits and dunnocks all feeding on the fat ball.  500 yards on we saw a fieldfare feeding on fallen apples in someone’s back garden by the canal.

goldfinches bathing.JPG


Heading for our usual spot, we weren’t prepared for what we were about to see.  We walked down a muddy track between a woodland area and  a field, where it had rained so much that hollows were full of water.  We noticed birds flying out of the hedgerow and woodland area and landing on the track in front of us.

tits bathing2.JPG

Great tit and blue tits

We were amazed when we looked through the binoculars: several different birds were taking full advantage of the puddles of water and  taking a bath.  We watched for ages as they rolled and flicked droplets of water all over themselves.

As you can see from the pictures, many different species took to the pools: great tits, blue tits, song thrush and the beautiful goldfinch.

song thrush bathing.JPG

Song thrush 

Whatever the weather, there seems to be something worth capturing.  In rain, ice, snow and sun birds still need to survive, and the birds bathing was a great moment for us on what was otherwise a cold, wet and dull day .  Little drops of magic!



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