A good start to February (the siskin)


Siskin, King’s Park

Thursday 2nd February was a very rare day for me – I did not go birding!  It was dull and windy so I decided to stay in and have 3 extra coffees!  Anyway, Friday was a much better day so I went to one of my regular walks down the Ladybridge part of the Chesterfield Canal.

As I parked up I noticed lots of little birds flying into both sides of the hedgerow.


Siskin with goldfinches, Chesterfield Canal

I got pictures of reed buntings both male and female, yellowhammers by the dozen and blue tits before I reached the prime spot.  On the way down I saw the kingfisher and took a picture of a brambling, before noticing several goldfinches at the top of a tree.  As I zoomed in I noticed one was different.  Wow!  I knew what it was.  I’d only seen about 5 all year: the siskin.

It’s a small, yellowy-greenish finch with black barred wings and a blackish head.  Gregarious in the winter months, it is mainly found in woodland areas and favours alder and beech trees.

As you can see from the pictures, they are often high up in the trees and can be seen with other finches, such as goldfinches and redpolls.

siskin kings park.JPG

Siskin, King’s Park

These little birds made my day!  I then went on to see 2 pairs of bullfinches, and the kingfisher again, sitting minding its own business until I clicked my camera!  I got 3 or 4 good snaps.  The brighter skies seem to bring out more of the smaller birds feeding on the last berries and new and old buds still showing.

siskin kings park 2.JPG

Siskin, King’s Park

We hope you like the little siskins – almost like a pet canary.

I’m still pursuing the jay: have some pictures but they are difficult to capture and quite elusive.  3 hours a day I’m sure will bring me the perfect picture of one!  Stay tuned – the best is yet to come!


Lee and Alison birding

This is us out on one of our birding expeditions!  If you see us out and about, say hello!




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