Woodland magic

Homes for nesting birds

blue tit 10.JPG

Blue tit

Still on a high from capturing the cuckoo pictures last week, we thought we’d change the format a little this week.

We went on a mission to find nesting sites in local woodland, and try to get pictures of the birds going to and fro with food or nesting materials.  Obviously, we don’t get too close or hang around too long as we don’t want to disturb them!

First we had to find the locations and then stand quietly (again, being careful not to disturb them) to capture the day to day goings on of the doting parents.  Hard work, but well worth it in the end.

Nearly every crack, crevice and hole in the trees were occupied by nesting birds: mainly blue tits and great tits.

blue tit.JPG

blue tit 4.JPG

blue tit 7.JPG

blue tit 8.JPG

Blue tit

They were very busy feeding – I managed to capture a blue tit with a caterpillar in its beak.

blue tit with caterpillar.JPG

Blue tit with caterpillar

I watched birds going in and out for days on several visits.  As one parent left, the other one went in.

great tit 2.JPG

great tit.JPG

Great tit

As the bird went away for more food, they would always stop away from the entrance of the nest site and take a look around for predators before entering the nesting site.

blue tit 3.JPG

Blue tit

great spotted woodpecker.JPG

Great spotted woodpecker

It’s great to see the birds nesting, giving hope for subsequent years and the growth of numbers.

The last few pictures are a few more nests and nesting birds we’ve encountered while on our birding ventures.


Mute swan

great crested grebe.JPG

Great crested grebe


Blackcap’s nest hidden in a dense bramble bush

robin with food.JPG

Robin hanging around with food for youngsters

goldfinch nest.JPG

And to finish: a beautifully made goldfinch nest in the top of a gauze bush, full of fledglings and parents feeding them.  Fantastic!


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