Buzzing with excitement!

bee eaters.JPG

You may have heard all the excitement recently about exotic bee eaters, which appeared in East Leake quarry, South Nottinghamshire around a week ago –  if not, you can read about them here: .

This morning looked as if it was going to be a nice sunny day, so I asked my daughter, Myeisha, if she fancied going to see the bee eaters.

bee eaters (2).JPG

She agreed, so we had a drive down to the south of the county in search of these rare exotic birds.

bee eaters (3).JPG

A car park has been set up, along with viewing areas for the many visitors that have been trying to catch a glimpse of these birds, not usually seen in the UK.  According to reports, seven of them had been spotted,  so we set off down the path with excitement.

bee eaters (4).JPG

I thought they might be quite difficult to find, but they obliged their visitors by perching on a dead branch, occasionally flying off to catch prey.

bee eaters (5).JPG

We only saw two of them, but that was enough.  They stayed for ages around the tree, catching insects and then posing for us to take pictures.  Actually, Myeisha (13) took most of these, and even managed to catch one with a bee in its beak!

bee eaters (6).JPG

They usually nest in South Europe, Africa or Asia, so it really was something special to see them in Nottinghamshire.  There are hopes that they will breed here, and the RSPB are doing all they can to protect them.

bee eaters (7)

One lady with a telescope allowed us to have a look through hers.  Seeing them closer revealed their amazing bright colours – fantastic!

bee eaters (8)

We were really pleased to have made the trip, and I’ve promised Lee as soon as he is fit I’ll take him there.  Let’s hope they make it their home for a while.





2 thoughts on “Buzzing with excitement!

  1. Just read this to my dad Harold. Recently out of hospital having had the pleasure of meeting lee. This news letter is truly enjoyable and reflects the character and charm of lee and his partner and is a pleasure to read


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