Baby blues

baby blue tit

The other day I came across these pictures, which are some of the first we took on our birding outings.

Walking beside the River Idle, near the allotments, we discovered a family of baby blue tits.  They seemed to be newly fledged and weren’t moving very far, so they let us take plenty of pictures fairly close up.

baby blue tit (2).JPG

As you can see from the pictures, the juveniles have a more yellowy hue than the adult birds, who have a blue cap, wings and tail, with yellow underparts.

They were hopping around the undergrowth, flapping their wings, probably getting ready for their first flights.

baby blue tit (3).JPG

These birds are very familiar in our gardens, and will frequently use the nest boxes we put out for them.  We’ve often sat in King’s Park and watched them going in and out of the nest boxes there.

baby blue tit (4).JPG

These birds like deciduous woodland habitats, especially oak trees.  They have also adapted well to our gardens.  They will lay up to 16 eggs, and feed their young on woodland caterpillars.

baby blue tit (5).JPG

The male and female birds are both similar.  Their call is a high pitched trill, which can be quite loud for a small bird!

baby blue tit (6).JPG

I’m sure you find these birds as adorable as we do – particularly the babies!





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