Summer swallows


Nothing says summer quite like a swallow!  So this week we want to showcase these fantastic birds while they are still here in plentiful numbers.

This year we saw our first swallows around Eaton on 8th April, in the same place where we first spotted them last year.


Going back to last year, we spotted this family of swallows taking their first flying lessons down by the River Idle.

swallows (2).JPG

They were gathered in bushes and trees by the river, and every so often one would fly off and then return to the branch.

swallows (3).JPG

You can see from the pictures that the young birds don’t have the bright colours or full tail like the adult shown in the first photograph.

swallows (4).JPG

This amazing bird flies thousands of miles every year to join us in the summer, and many will return to the same place as the previous year.  For lots of us, they herald the arrival of spring, and their departing in late summer/early autumn can be quite sad.  They spend much of their time on the wing, but, unlike the swift, they will also perch on telegraph wires for example.

swallows (6).JPG

swallows (5).JPG


swallows (7).JPG

You will often see them by water, skimming for flies and other insects as they swoop around, making a chattering noise.  They also like open fields and farmlands, and will typically nest in barns.

We love swallows, and look forward to seeing them every spring.  They are still with us for a couple of months yet, so there’s still plenty of chance to see them.

swallow (2).JPG

Update on Lee: he is now home from hospital and doing well.  However, his legs are still very painful so it will be a few weeks before he can do much walking.  It’s been lovely to receive so many messages of support, especially from people we’ve met from bird spotting around the area.  Thank you!


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